The Red Maple Shadow choir


Introduction to The Red Maple Shadow choir

The Red Maple Shadow choir was founded in 2008, is a choir worker from Beijing composed of various enterprises and institutions.

Existing members of more than 50 people, the average age of 50-55 years old.

Chorus has been established to carry out the vocal music, music theory, choral foundation and other training. The singing performance of the choir is pure and refined, relaxation,high degree of difficulty reflects masterly skill,diversity of style。Since its establishment has participated in many performances, and received praise. Their good chorus quality and practical ability have been recognized by experts and society.

Among them:

the gold medal was awarded at the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the motherland organized by the Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Community Association,

No. 1 prize and best stage award of Adults choir competition by China Chorus Art Research Association

Highest award of Guangxi National Federation of Trade Union singing contest

Invited by Beijing Radio and Television for the performance in the 70th Anniversary of the World War II Memorial performance.

The Red Maple Shadow choir vocal instructor and conductor and conductor Liu Ying, graduated from the Central University for Nationalities Vocal Institute.

The choir has visited France, Spain, Northern Europe and other countries for the recent years.

It is a dynamic team loving music.