Peiyang Chorus of Tianjin University


Peiyang Chorus of Tianjin University, a world-renowned international ensemble and the flagship of Tianjin University's art education, has been awarded seven gold medals in international competitions and honored as a world-class chorus by International Federation for Choral Music. The chorus consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students from non-music majors of Tianjin University.

For the past two decades, Peiyang Chorus has offered hundreds of special performances in more than 20 countries, including China's National Grand Theater, Hong Kong City Hall, Zhongshan Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall, Tianjin Grand Theater, Hohhot Wulanqiate Theatre,Busan Cultural center in South Korea, and so on.

As the first amateur college choir in China, Peiyang Chorus has gradually established their own style of freshness and simplicity. Nearly one thousand choral compositions of Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern and Contemporary genres were performed in more than thirty languages, such as Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Mozart's Mass in C major, Vivaldi's Gloria, Haydn's The Seasons, Mahlah's Symphony No. 2 in C minor 'Resurrection' Xian Xinghai's Yellow River Cantata, Yong Rubu's Prairie Anthem and other choral- symphonic works. Over 100 choral works is performed each year, many of which are introduced to Chinese audience for the first time. The program this year will have concerts on tours in Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany, as well as participate in the Prague International Chorus Festival held in Czechoslovakia, in which professor Ren Baoping, director of Peiyang Chorus, are invited to be the chairman of the jury.

Peiyang Chorus is highly praised for performing a great number of choral works, accurately grasping the music style and advance awareness of singing by many experts, including Ma Geshun, Yan Liangkun, Tian Yubin, Yang Hongnian, Wu Lingfen, Xiao Bai, Meng Dapeng, Leon Shiu-Wai Tong,Zhang Yida, etc. Meanwhile, Leon Shiu-Wai Tong, the vice-president of IFCM, gave the approval of a rare brilliant chorus .