Nothing new under the sun


Nothing New Under the Sun

Łukasz Horbów, Světlana Malinová, Veronika Švecová, Max Vajt

GUILT. There's nothing new under the sun, humanity is to be fully blamed for the current state of affairs. 

ANXIETY. Accompanying phenomenon.

VISION. Is crucial. The future is clouded but firm faith is something that cannot be torn from our souls. 

MISSION. Erases guilt and brings a new purpose. To learn from the past.

There's nothing new under the sun, humanity is to be fully blamed for the current state of affairs. Guilt is the weight thrown upon our shoulders, the weight we have thrown there ourselves. Sometimes it's easier to blame others, other times it's not. There are no "others" here.

In blaming others aren't we guilty of blaming? There's no one else here.

What do we blame of, what are we guilty of.

The maximum temperature in the Czech Republic was measured in the summer of 2019 in Doksany, south of Litoměřice: 38.9C. On the 25th of July in Paris, shortly before 2 PM, a temperature of 40.6C was measured. In the 70's, the Swedish mountain Kebnekaise measured 2111 meters above sea level. It is at 2095.6 meters now.

The jet streams are weakening and moving north, causing the melting of ice in Greenland. The hurricane Dorian is the strongest hurricane of the year, according to CNN. It hit the Bahamas on the 1st of September leaving 50 dead and 1300 missing, the officials say. More than 185 thousand of USA homes and businesses have been evacuated as a result.

Jet streams influence the weather, weather determines the temperature. Climate change influences the jet streams. Who influences climate change?

Accompanying phenomenon, an absolute misery. It follows the feeling of guilt. Doubt, uncertainty and fear, we cannot breathe in despite being used to sulphur.

Hundreds of passengers waiting the departures and arrival to their destination. They fly for work, their friends and their family. They found their flight and booked their tickets, arrived at the airport, checked in. They are the lords of their journey. All flights have been cancelled, landing is allowed only for the planes hat are already in the air.

Upwards of 75 million of passengers travel through the Hong Kong International Airport each year.

In June of 2017 a student rode the New York subway to his graduation. A subway full of people got stuck. Technical difficulties. They strangers traveling with him staged their own graduation ceremony. The train was dark and oxygen was running out. After three hours they were rescued.

Hope dies last. It is crucial. The future is clouded but firm faith is something . that cannot be torn from our souls. who and how do we want to be when tomorrow comes? The sun rises every day.

Let's give ourselves a mission. It erases guilt and . brings a new purpose. to learn from the past. The future opens new possibilities, tomorrow is a new day and we're the ones who decide. Forwards or backwards. They sky has to be dark for us to see the light, It has to be dark for us to know what light is. It is dark enough. We are making mistakes so that we can fix them. We need to understand our own actions. 

Curator:Michal Jalůvka, Zai Xu

Production:Julie Dudova

PR:David Laufer

Correction:David Laufer

Architect:Michael Čambor, Marko Čambor

Thank Prague 8 for supporting this show




从2019年学年开始,项目开始了新的形象,展览也已Open Call(公开征选)的机制运行。第一轮Open Call,有数十应征者,除了捷克本地,也包括欧洲其他国家,最远的来自韩国。

Open Call的首展,包括一位波兰年轻艺术家,三位捷克年轻艺术家。他们用自己的影像和装置作品,讲述了相关联的主题。










Łukasz Horbów(波兰)

Světlana Malinová(捷克)

Veronika Švecová(捷克)

Max Vajt(捷克)






捷克共和国的最高温度出现在2019年夏季的Doksany,Litoměřice南部:38.9摄氏度。7月25日巴黎,下午二点之前,测量到40.6摄氏度高温。七十年代,瑞典的凯布讷山 (Kebnekaise)海拔2111米,现在是2095.6米。







永不放弃。这很关键。未来乌云密布,但坚定的信念是我们灵魂不可磨灭的东西。 当明天来临,我们希望成为谁又如何成为?太阳每天都升起


策展人:Michal Jalůvka, Zai Xu

制作:Julie Dudova

公关:David Laufer

校对:David Laufer

建筑:Michael Čambor, Marko Čambor


地址:Svetova 1, Praha 8, Czech Republic