LET´S GO!(InternationaL A Cappella Group)


InternationaL A Cappella Group LET´S GO! s devoted to and sings American Spirituals that are also called Negro Spirituals, very exciting, moving, impressive songs full of hope, faith and freedom. From 2012 LEt´S GO! performed over 100 concertr. We received the Silver prize at the Ingternational Choral Festival in Vienna in 2013, we have participated at the World Music Festival Praga in 2012, 2013, 2014 and at the London Sangerstverne Choral Festival 2015 and many others, released 2 audio CDs. We are bringing American Spirituals to our listeners to give them their message of hope, traditional values and sharing the vision of M.L.King expressed in his "I have a dream" speach saying that all people frok all nations would sing Spirituals together hand in hand.