Interview: IVAN KLIMA


Interview Mr. Ivan Klima

Two weeks before Christmas, winter day, cold, I visited Mr. Ivan Klima in his working room, I have brought a few times journalist and writers to him, I heard his story and he just published his autobiography "My Crazy Century", it answered almost all our questions about him.

He told that he stopped writing, he is too old and he have written all he wanted to write, but still write letters to friends, and he is enjoy his everyday life with the forest in front of his window.

He told that he doesn't want to have long trip by his age, but he goes to Prague center every week, and he feels the current status of the city.

He talked many times with visitors about his experience of survive from concentrate camp, decision of going back to the Czech Republic after the period work in the U.S. in 1970s, his view of new generation of Germany, the national-state concept……

Growing, is sometimes a so fast progress, sometimes so slow.

by Stella H.