FEST 2013


Winners Brass Band


Gold Prize

Gold 1: 

Dechový orchestr z Pekingské druhé experimentální základní školy

Gold 2: 

Orchestr ze Střední školy Guangzhou Tieyi 

 Gold 3: 

Studentská filharmonie Zlaté plachty z Pekingské 22. Střední školy

Gold 4: 

Dechový orchestr Pekingské školy Lixin 

Gold 5: 

Pekingská Západní městská cizojazyčná škola 

Gold 6: 

Dechový orchestr ZUŠ Vimperk 

Gold 7: 

Dechový orchestr HARMONIE PARDUBICE 

Silver Prize

Pekingská druhá vyšší střední škola Fengtai 

Mládežnícký dychový orchester 

Bánovčanka Dechový orchestr školy Yuhong 

Bronze Prize

Základní škola Dongfenglu části Yuexiu města GuangzhouDechovka WolsztynDechový Orchestr Mladých ZUŠ Hronov

Participants Brass Band


From Czech Republic:

Dechový orchestr ZUŠ Vimperk
Harmonie Pardubice
Dechový orchestr mladých ZUŠ Hronov

From Poland:

Powiatowa Wolsztyńska Orkiestra Dęta

From Slovakia Republic:

Mládežnícky dychový orchester Bánovčanka

From China:

Beijing No. 22 Middle School
Beijing YUHONG School
Beijing Fengtai No.2 High school
Dongfeng Road Primary School in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou China
Guangzhou TieYi Middle School
Beijing Lixin School
Beijing Xicheng Foreign Languages School
Beijing No. Shiyan Primary School

Subject: Venue Brass Band

Attn: All participants Brass band 26.07.2013

Here below is the useful information of the venue:


2) Address: Nám. Republiky 4
110 00 Praha 1 Czech Republic
3) Brief: Hibernia Theatre is located in the very center of Prague on the Republic Square in the neighborhood of the historic Old Town, opposite to the Municipal House, the Powder Tower. Theatre Hibernia is a multifunctional theater with modern conceived and adequately equipped theater hall demanding requirements of musical productions. It offers viewers a fully air-conditioned hall with 960 comfortable seats, including 80 comfortable seats in the balcony and two VIP loges. The sound high quality sound system and equipped with cutting-edge lighting, projection and stage technology. The pride of the theater is a large stage 12 x 16 m equipped with two turntables with controlled operation, four single dropped the rope and comfortable. Hybernia Theatre is regularly serve the outstanding professional musical events and commercial performances.
4) Stage: width 12 meter, length 14 meters (max. 16mters)
5) Opening: time
8:00-19:00 26.07.2013 for event, the competition program list will be informed later

Winners Choir

zvláštní cenu poroty

Tianjin University Northern Chorus

nejlepší hudební doprovod

Kühn children´s choir(přípravné oddělení)

Tianjin University Northern Chorus

nejlepší nové dílo

Tianjin University Northern Chorus

nejlepší sbormistr

The Sound of JingLun" Jinfan Chorus from Chen Jing Lun high school

Tianjin University Northern Chorus

Shan Xi - Dream Sound

specialni umělecký výkon

Dechový orchestr mladých při ZUŠ Chotěboř 

Subject: Venue Choir

Beautiful Sts. Simon and Jude Church in Prague Old Town serves as a concert hall. It is a seat of Prague Symphony Orchestra.

Amicable and uplifting atmosphere of the Sts. Simon and Jude Church is the ideal place to enjoy masterpieces of classical and sacred music. The chapel of Sts. Simon and Jude is unique by its initiation - it is the only Prague church dedicated to the apostolic pair, Simon and Jude Taddeas. The church was founded in 1354 as a hospital chapel and later rebuilt as a hall church with niches and chapels. The late Renaissance church served as a chapel of Czech Brethren. In 1620, during recatholisation of the whole country the emperor donated the church to the Brothers of Mercy order. They rebuilt the church in Baroque design and built a large adjacent convent and hospital. In late Baroque era an organ was installed played by Mozart and Haydn. It is still functional and famous for its excellent authentic sound.After 1989, the church was given back to the Order of Merciful Brothers who lent it for use to the Prague Symphony Orchestra. In Sts. Simon and Jude Church mainly chamber concerts and concerts of early music are held,in particular traditional cycle dedicated to the authentic interpretation of Baroque music is highly appreciated by both critics and audiences.