DOSLOVA - vernisáž


The opening of the third exhibition of the student gallery SVĚTOVA 1 Jáchym Bouzek is a student of the University of Creative Arts, BA Animation. In his work he mainly deals with animation. He graduated from Graphic Design at the Secondary Technical School of Graphics, where he was interested in typography. In the course of work he emphasizes the careful and profound examination of the subject, both in the philosophical direction and in many others. Interactive exhibition DOSLOVA in the gallery SVĚTOVA 1 speaks and communicates with the viewer. It facilitates an experience that makes the viewer the author who creates and learns the language he uses every day.



Jáchym Bouzek是动画艺术大学的学生。

在他的工作中,他主要处理动画。 他在中学学习平面设计,对排版工作很感兴趣。


SVĚTOVA1画廊中的交互式展览DOSLOVA可以与观众交谈并进行交流。 它导入观看者自己成为作者的经历,创造并研究他每天使用的语言。

艺术家:Jáchym Bouzek

策展人:Zai Xu