Creative Writing Discussion


Malé náměstí 11 Toyen Classroom

12:00-14:30 Discussion about Creative Writing

12-12h30: welcome lunch at NYU in Prague campus

12h30-14h30: panel discussion and Q&A session for practitioners

Working language: English, Czech and Chinese with synchronic translation provided in 3 pairs (English/Chinese, Czech/English, Czech/Chinese)


English: Brittany Shutts

Czech: Radka Denemarková

Chinese: Liang Hong, Zhao Zhiming, Bian Linghan

Suggested scenario:

12h30-12h40: opening remarks by NYU representative

12h40-12h50: introduction of all speakers by moderator

12h50-13h05: Speaker 01 ( Radka)

13h20-13h40: Speaker 02/03/04 (Chinese writers)

13h40-14h: moderator questions

14h00-14h30: Q&A with audience

-In which way is creative writing helping writers?

-What are the main cultural obstacles when adapting creative writing to your own literary and academic tradition

-Outside of Academia, who is signing up for creative writing classes?

-What are the best books/tips for conducting effective creative writing workshops?