Chen Jing Lun Chorus


Introduction of Chen Jing Lun Chorus & Wang Shui Conductor:

Cheng Jing Lun Chorus has been performing very well, and they have received different awards in the past, they are:

Hong Kong International Youth Choral Competition three golds in year 2011;

Hungary Cantemus International Choral Competition Gold in year 2012;

Granted by the European Federation for Choral Music as "World Outstanding Youth Choir" honor;

Fourth National primary and secondary school art show choir group obtained the first prize in year 2013;

About Wang Shui conductor, he is a deputy director of Chinese Universities Chorus Committee, as well as an artistic director of "The Sound of JingLun" Jinfan Chorus in Chen Jing Lun high school. He won the first prize in the National Ministry of Education from the Third National music teacher pentathlon (piano, vocals, improvised accompaniment, dance, music literacy) basic skills competition. In addition, he was also named as "Beijing outstanding young intellectuals, Chaoyang District, young talents".