Beijing Little Star Art Ensemble


Choir master: Mrs. Zhao Jian

Founded in 1996, the Beijing Little Star Art Ensemble focus on developing art core for school and artistic talent for society across three main areas of performance expression: vocals, dancing and instrumental music. Dancing group awarded the status of "Beijing Golden Sail Art Ensemble" by Beijing Education Committee in 2004.

"Beijing Golden Sail Art Ensemble" is the student art ensemble with high level, big scope and systematic of Beijing art education. Under the guidance of many leaders and artists, the ensemble has created outstanding achievement in the long period art practice and activities. The theory is to focus on the personality and developing of the children. The direction thinking is to make super program and to create famous brand. the ensemble has created the children vocals, instrument and dancing with national spirit, epochal pace and children spirit showing, and trained a large number of art talent for interior colleges as well. The ensemble has participated the program recording and performance of CCTV and BTV. It held the concert successfully in Beijing Golden Sail Concert Hall in 1999; In the celebration activities of establishment state, the state chairman HuJin-tao watched the performance of "The Little Star"; the teachers and students in the art ensemble achieved 37 golden awards in different competitions in the interior state, 18 awards of the first place in Beijing Outside School of Art Festival in 2005 and 2007, It placed 20% quota among the first place; In the Basic Skill Competition of Beijing Outside School Teachers in 2006, 11 teachers in our ensemble have got the first award among the more than 1100 teachers.

Excepting this, The ensemble shows with troupes in Estonia, Latvia, Australia, Japan, Korea and other 40 countries have also been well visiting and performance..

Through the practice prove, Fengtai Little Star Ensemble shows its importance in which trains the children's art personality, shows the children's artistic talent and improve the student art practice abilities.