Education program

Enjoy, Discover, Future, Life-long learning


ICA Education program is organized by ICA z.s. base in Prague.

The main theme is Enjoy, Discover, Future and Life-Long Learning.

The world is developing so fast´╝îthat it changes and changes before we suppose to study and recognize it.

Skills will soon be replaced by computers

The speciality of humans that difference from other beings or intelligent machines will always belong, will never be replaced. It is self personality, creativity, love and emotions.

If we compare person to computer, the ICA education project then focuses on improving the system rather than rushing to install the program.

In other words, through diversified experiences, to inspire students' individuality, and to lead students to concern feelings and interests than skills.

Develop an aesthetic

Cultivate the observation of changes in everything

Increase the breadth and depth of knowledge

Return to nature of life