About us

Inter-Culture Association z.s.

ICA Ideas

People are the creators of culture and the purpose of culture; the outline of any culture may be different from the perspective of different people.

Main Activities

Organize meetings, dialogues, discussion, investigation, seminar, performance, exhibition, specific competition and festival events


literature, arts, music, sports, law, education, health, science and technology, economics, trade, finance, humanities and social sciences and other fields

ICA Purpose

Through various project plans, to encourage people to break the local restrictions,to get more opportunities for personal or group activities, also opportunity to explore meaning of life and humanity.

History from 2007

ICA established in April 2007 as Inter-Culture Association & Česka činska kulturní asociace with Register No. is 285 54 281

ICA z.s. established in year 2007. It is specialize in organizing various exchange activities and events with a primary goal of introduction and promotion of mutual cooperation, as well visits and meetings for professionals in wide-ranging fields.

The arrangement covers as literature, art, music, sport, education, law, science, technology, economic, trade and business, finance, social science and other issues.

ICA also supporting a few projects such as ICAFEST, ICAART, ICAEducation, writers' residence and writing project.